Plagiarism At College

I’ve had students say well how can you plagiarize a definition a definition is a definition I mean if this is a word for word definition either from the dictionary or from somebody’s article you need to put in quotation marks you could say this many other ways it might not sound as good but you could say aids limits the body’s immune system from fighting off infections that don’t affect most people doesn’t sound as good I like that better than what I just came up with but just again just because I like it doesn’t mean I get to use it and again in her case this was completely so I get just a little bit so you might be thinking at this point that I’m just some needle lady got nothing better to do go around and stick it to these and the students are just trying to do their best a couple of things it doesn’t take much time.

I documented the four cases that we’re going to show you today and under 45 minutes total and one of them I actually had to go to the public library because the article was torn out of it one of them in the college library and this is when you actually had to run upstairs and do things like that so I’m just doing it on paper the other thing is that like I said these first two cases were the very first time I ever taught English 102 and it was one of the most miserable experiences of my life I was teaching at a new college I was expected to enforce these F for plagiarism rules I had I failed more people that quarter than I had in my entire eight years of graduate school teaching and that was just one quarter and I was sort of sick over it because at some point I knew that I had defined what plagiarism was told them what was told them not to do it and then trusted the denill sunk in and that’s what I realized I got to do more.

I’ve come to what I’m doing today the other thing is I see my job as helping you avoid plagiarism I don’t think I can do that effectively if you’re afraid to come to me what’s the possibility that you might be introduced so if you’re freaking out right now know that at any point this quarter if you think you might be plagiarizing in a research review proposal your rough draft whatever you can come to me and say oh my god I think I’m plagiarizing help me and I’m not going to give you enough I’m going to help you okay we’ll look at it we’re even going to have a day where we look for plagiarism and when we find it we’re going to celebrate it’s like finding a precancerous mole break its own hand weeds out of your garden before they go to seed we build it right so we’re gonna have a couple days we’re gonna remove the stigma plagiarism.