Tips for Writing Timed Essay Part 2

If you’re not done with a paragraph, if you hit the time that you’re supposed to move on skip some space and move on to the next paragraph. You’ll find that it gets easier and faster as you go so when you have a few extra minutes left in a later paragraph, you can go back and finish the earlier paragraph.

It’s better to have an essay that has shorter paragraphs that are just all the points. You say you’re going to adjust then to have one really well-developed paragraph and then have everything else sort of Peter out later because you ran out of time. Also make sure you stick to your prewriting even if as you’re writing you get some sort of flash of genius ignore it put it to the side, if you did not think of it while you were doing your planning. It doesn’t exist don’t add it later all that will do is derail your essay it’ll look like you’re going off topic last-minute changes are never a benefit.

I think I’ve said this in class before but introductions are notoriously difficult, if you’re one of those people who has problems writing introductory paragraphs go ahead and skip it jot down your thesis statement so that you know what your argument is and leave a bunch of space even a whole page. If you have to you can always come back to it at the end when you’ve left yourself some time to write it and then it’ll be a lot easier to write editing and proofreading. It is so important do not skip this step in your essay!

Again it’s better to have an essay that’s a little bit less developed but carefully proof read then to have one that is long and full with a lot of mistakes in it when you do your proofreading. You’re gonna end up reading through the essay at least four times, I know that seems like a lot but trust me I’m gonna walk you through it right now. On the first read-through you’re just reading through to check for any major issues like you’re making sure you have your thesis statement making sure that every idea that you set up the introduction is actually present in the essay. Making sure that you follow the organization you set up in your introduction so if you have four reasons a B C and D you want to make sure that you go through those reasons in the same order a B C and D that you set up in your introductory paragraph.