What Do You Think About the College Admission Officers?

Let’s indulge in a brief thought experiment, imagine you’re a college admissions officer you’re pumped to dig into your pile of new applicants, you’re jazzed to see what the students of 2018 have to bring to your academic community, you’re responsible for reviewing over a thousand applications per season, you realize this. Shakes out to about 40 applications per day, you need to flip through 8.5 of these babies in an hour this gives you about seven minutes to review a student’s entire application in about two to three minutes to devote to the college essay, you regularly spend more time scrolling through top ten lists than you do reading a student’s college admissions essay, you spend more time each day dreaming about what it would be like to walk with Dinosaurs, you really like dinosaurs than you do on one students personal statement. It’s a good thing each student has spent six months pulling 650 words out of the depths of their souls polishing each phrase to a high shine, so you could spend more time opening a stubborn bag of potato chips than you do on each of their college essays no one said life was fair what does this mean for you dear applicant, what it means is that you have less time than you ever imagined to capture an admissions officers attention.

It means that if you’re going to make an impression with your carefully crafted words you better make it fast and you better make that mark deep it means that your college admissions essay better be at least as entertaining as a clip from college humor and tastier than a bag of Stacie’s pita chips it means that you better put in the effort to make sure your admissions essay breaks through the noise and hits admissions officers where it counts.